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Wellington is ready to support you in the aftermath of recent storms.
Submit Claims 24/7 by calling (800) 880-0474, online using MyWellington (policyholders), or online using the Agent Portal (agents).


Our products offer security, and our services deliver peace of mind. Insurance is easy with Wellington.


Wellington is committed to making insurance easy, and this includes efforts to make our services and electronic platforms increasingly accessible and free from barriers.

We developed and designed Wellington's electronic platforms to help visitors identify, interpret, understand, and interact with information that is presented. As we continue to improve these platforms, we reference applicable portions of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA and other guidance to aid such efforts.

If you are having trouble reading or using material on our platforms (i.e., website or mobile applications), or if you have feedback regarding the accessibility of our platforms, please call us at 800-880-0474 and request to speak with the Office of General Counsel. For hearing impaired and voice relay services, you can contact us through the Telecommunications Relay Service via 711.

About Our Website

Helpful Tips and Information

  • Account numbers - Generally, complete account numbers will not be displayed online. For security reasons, only the last four (4) numbers will be visible. The remaining digits are represented by a series of periods or the letter X.
  • Dollar amounts - It is unnecessary to include a dollar sign ($) when entering dollar amounts in any form field. In most cases, there will be guidance on how to format the requested dollar amounts.
  • Phone and Social Security numbers - Phone and Social Security Number fields may appear as single fields or multiple fields. Where multiple fields exist, it is unnecessary to use the "Tab" key to move to the next field. Your entry will automatically move to the next field when entering the next digit. You will only need to use the "Tab" key to leave the phone/Social Security Number field.
  • Error messages - Should an error occur, or should you enter data in the incorrect format, an error message will usually appear.
  • JavaScript - Our website does not require you to install and enable JavaScript on your system. JavaScript is generally already activated on most devices, and it can remain activated to utilize the full functionality of our website.

Software Recommendations

Our website is designed to be compatible with most standard computer-based assistive technologies and popular web browsers. You should always use the most current versions of (or the version released just prior to) your chosen assistive technology applications, along with a current version of the browsers listed below.

Our website supports accessibility features like zoom, color, and other image controls, that most popular web browsers provide. However, we do not directly provide assistive technology applications or browsers. To obtain such products or services, or to obtain further information about them, visit the individual product's or provider's website. Assistance from local and state agencies or non-profit groups may also be available in your area.

Screen Reader Applications

For customers with vision disabilities, we are continually incorporating functionality that allows screen reader applications the ability to audibly read website text and image descriptions. There are multiple options for such applications, and we recommend customers visit the website of each option in order to find one that best meets their needs and expectations. NVDA is one such application that can be obtained free of cost. There are also iPhone/iPad and Android specific applications that can be obtained for mobile devices.

Before selecting a screen reader application, you should always check compatibility information with your web browser to ensure you receive the full benefits of the application.

The following features are available in many assistive technology applications. They may be used to improve the performance of the application and your overall online experience while using our website:

  • Tooltips - If enabled, will cause your screen reading application to read any embedded tooltips on our website. Tooltips are information that provide guidance on the use of a website and can help the user comprehend how to properly interact with the website.
  • Special characters - If enabled, will cause your screen reading application to automatically read any of these special characters: at sign (@), number sign (#), dollar sign ($), ampersand (&), apostrophe, quotation marks, backslash, bar (|), underline, braces ({}), brackets ([ ]), and words with tilde or grave accented characters.
  • Symbols - If enabled, will cause your screen reading application to automatically read these symbols: plus, minus (may be pronounced "dash"), asterisk (may be pronounced "star"), forward slash, percent sign (%), caret (^), equals sign, parentheses, the less-than symbol (<), and the greater-than symbol (>).
  • Browser status information - Hyperlinks on a web page may contain descriptions of the link or additional information that will appear on the bottom left of the browser window. When hovering over, or focused on a link, you may be able to use "hot keys" in your chosen accessibility application to read this additional information.

Not all screen reader applications have the above features, or require the above features to be manually enabled. Please reference the user guide of your chosen assistive technology software for information and tips about the features that are included with the software.


The most current versions of (or the version released just prior to the current version of) Edge, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome generally provide the ability to change the size and color of web content to allow a user to view content shown in the browser window according to the user's needs and preferences.

While our website is designed and tested to work with such browsers, our accessibility features seem to perform better on Edge, Firefox, and Chrome.

Although other browsers may work-at least in part-with our website, we do not test all possible versions, so your user experience can be impacted if you decide to use browser versions that we do not specifically recommend.

Prepared: 01/24/2023

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